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NameO is a picture-to-words interpreter app for kids. It identifies objects in photos you load or capture using the app. NameO is also a foreign language vocabulary builder as it shows objects’ names in Arabic and English with pronunciation and spelling options.

Our prices are affordable, once you sign in you will get 25 free photos and then you can buy the pictures as packages start at $ 2.99 with 100 pictures

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See how it works

Understanding our easy to use product!


Use camera or load a photo from your gallery

NameO app does not store any copy of your images. If any, they are deleted as soon as processing is complete.


Ask NameO to name objects in a photo

NameO identifies thousands of object categories, products, landmarks, furniture, animals, plants, and means of transportation.


Get names (tags) in Arabic or English

User can chose default language from app setting. NameO currently supports Arabic and English.


Learn more about the

User can learn more about generated tags and know how they are spelled and pronounced.

Why NameO

Understanding our easy to use product!

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    A Picture is w a thousand words! NameO is a fun and educational app for kids. It uses Photography, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Language Processing to understand image content and to describe its content via written and spoken words (tags).

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    NameO is also a foreign-language vocabulary builder app for kids. In app setting, user can choose a default language [Arabic or English] the apps landing page and interface. With NameO, young users would relate a real object to its name written in Arabic and English, in addition to listening to its pronunciation and spelling.

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    With a little training on how to take close-up shots of interest, a child would use NameO app to have fun, move around, capture creative images, learn more words, and pick up some words in a foreign language.

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    As a parent, caregiver, or teacher, you can share the child’s experience with NameO (capture photos and generated tags) with family members or via social media.

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NameO Privacy Policy

our privacy policy is super simple

  • NameO app fully complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) policy
  • NameO App does not gather any personal data.
  • NameO uses a back-end server to process your images and understand its content (that is, to generate word-tags). However, any image reaches our servers get deleted right away after it is processed and word-tags are sent back to the user’s cellphone.
  • NameO app will use your WiFi connection or data plan to reach our back-end server to process captured or leaded images.
  • NameO has setting and in-app purchase options. As a security measure, they are protected by password.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about NameO app or its privacy policy, please do not hesitate to Contact us on